Monday, November 1, 2010

It's the tops

Top Ten Reasons being a parent of young children is awesome.

10. Holidays become magical again.

9. You are forced to put someone else's needs before yours. And let's face it, that's good for everyone.

8. You suddenly have superhuman emotive powers. Never before have you been able to feel six unrelated emotions at the exact same time!

7. Soft cheeks you can smother with kisses any time you want.

6. For a handful of years, a few people think you are the most amazing person ever.

5. You regularly hear awesome things from little mouths. Like a two year old tugging on the neck of his shirt complaining, "Look! My paper!" (translation: help, my tag is bugging me). Or a young mind refusing to call them blueberries because they are obviously "purpleberries."

4. Everything is cuter in smaller sizes. Socks, shoes, clothes, toys, dishes, hands and feet, etc. Surrounded by cuteness, sometimes cluttered with it;)

3. Praises are sung to you for simple things. Serve chicken nuggets for dinner and you are the hero of the day. However, serve something you spent an hour in the kitchen making and be met with "yuck!"s, "gross!"es, and "disgusting!"s (which is especially shocking coming from a two year old, albeit surprisingly cute). Best to stick with the simple!

2. A miraculously changed perspective. Quiet evenings become sacred. An uninterrupted sleep becomes a treasure. Trivial things are seen for what they are. Your spouse becomes even more amazing. You find yourself praying for forgiveness for all those parents you've previously judged as inept. The world is simultaneously brighter and scarier.

1. Your hardest days are made easier when waist-high heads crash into your stomach, little arms hug your leg, shining eyes looking up at you, and a sweet voice says, "I luh loo," before running off again.

It's November! Thanksgiving season is here. 'Tis the season for giving thanks:) So I'm going to post gratitude-esque posts everyday through Thanksgiving.

How about you? What's in your top ten awesome things about being a parent?

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