Monday, November 15, 2010

Sick days

I am thankful for sick days.

Not necessarily the "sick" part. That's no fun at all. And honestly, I'd rather just be healthy and have normal days.

But if I'm doomed to be sick, I'm glad that occasionally a sick day comes along with it.

Days like today when I melted out of bed and down the stairs trying to get there before the kids did any damage, put cereal and bananas on the table for them, turned on a movie, and crashed on the couch.

I'm thankful for easily prepared meals like cereal and pb&js. I'm thankful for a television and lovely collection of kids and family movies. And Nyquil.

These things made it possible for me to have a sick day on the couch. Sure I'd have to get up to "fix" meals or chase down a misbehaving boy. But for the most part, the kids played around the couch and watched movies while I was down for the count.

It was nice. As nice as anything can be when you feel awful:)

Niceties notwithstanding, I'm beyond ready to be done being sick.

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