Friday, December 31, 2010

2010's Top Ten

I feel like 2010 is barreling toward its finish with me bumping along behind it still trying to grasp the fact that another year is almost over already.

Seriously, it seems as if the last six years have gone by in the same amount of time that it used to take one year.

Here's a little list of the top ten things that come to my mind when thinking of the year 2010.

In no particular order:

-I got another sister, in other words my brother got married.
-My super cute nephew was born
-I experienced lots of firsts as a wife and mom that I'd like to not repeat (black eyes, stitches, knee surgeries, falls, and lots of general caring for the afflicted).
-Celebrated seven glorious years of marriage to Bret
-Lost 15 pounds
-Family summer vacation to a beautiful small mountain town
-Solo road trip to be at a friend's wedding and seeing girls I haven't seen in years
-Being in the temple with my brother
-Making large strides on a personal path of mine

And what about you? What has 2010 been for you?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's been a good week. Christmas was lovely. The last few days have been pretty great, too. Trying to reclaim the house has been taking a long time, but it's coming. We had a big first on Tuesday, too. We took all the boys to the movie theater. It went pretty darn well. The boys didn't even try to get out of their seats and wander around. Al got a bit scared and asked me if we could go home when the villain showed her true colors, but he's glad we stayed.

Like I said, it's been a good week.

I said I'd elaborate from last week's post. I still will, just not in great detail...cuz I'm lazy like that. My older brother had never been to the temple. We all looked forward to the time we could be there together and it looked like we were still a ways off. And then everything took off and there's my brother metaphorically sprinting to the temple with me trying to find a babysitter so Bret and I could catch up. Due to geographical differences, we have yet to get the whole family there at the same time, but how incredible it is to be this much closer. And how special it was to see my brother in the temple.

Last Thursday we trekked south to spend a fun evening with college friends. Traffic was awful, but once we got there we had a grand time. (How did we get so lucky to know so many good people?) We went to a lights display at a golf course. It was really good! We brought all the boys up into the front seat with us and it was so fun to drive around slowly and watch the boys' eyes and see how mesmerized they were. We're going again next Christmas!

That's that for a recap. How about what I'm thankful for today?


I love it when things are organized. Sometimes my concept of organization isn't quite textbook, but most of the time the textbooks and I agree. I go between having the urge to just purge my house of anything we haven't used in the last three months and being a pack rat because there may come a time when we really need that holey sock. Currently, I'm somewhere in between. I want to start my spring cleaning now. Kinda hard to do that in the middle of winter.

Maybe it's because the year (what?!?! 2010 just started! how can it be over already???) is ending and I want a fresh, extra organized start. Or maybe it's because the need to organize is burning my eyes and screaming in my ears.

Don't know for sure. I'm thankful to have a fairly organized home and look forward to organizing it even more:)

Happy New Year!!!

What are you thankful for today?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday...but I have no desire to write right now. And the next couple days are packed full of Christmas celebrations, so I have no desire to write then either...

Is it horribly awful to postpone documenting what I'm thankful for until next week?

Just in case it is, here's what I would like to write about- being in the temple with my brother on Tuesday and driving through a lights display tonight with all five of us in the front seat.

There. That ought to do it for now and I can elaborate later:)

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Ah, Thursdays:)

I realized a couple weeks ago, but forgot to share, that the Thankful Thursday that fell on Thanksgiving was also my 100th Thankful Thursday post. Whoa, awesomeness!

What I'm thankful for today-

-imaginative little fellows that call me "Mom."
-that the loss of nap time hasn't been traumatic; when it's time, it's time.
-grocery stores
-layered clothing

Time to go warm up some leftovers here:) What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I would be remiss, after weeks of "woe me" posts, to not blog about the change in the past few days.

We are getting better. Hallelujah, we are getting better.

There are still lingering coughs and runny noses, and if the boys run around at all they'll cough to the point of throwing up...


Last night I was not awoken by coughing or crying.

I think I've used less than ten kleenex in the last three days.

I haven't turned on the humidifier in two nights (which is good because it was starting to make a funny gurgling sound...).

AND- We have started doing Christmas things with other people!

Sunday night, my in laws came up for dinner and we all went to a beautiful lights display. After we came home and got the boys in bed we drank hot chocolate and chatted around the Christmas tree. It was a lovely evening.

Yesterday I got my hair cut and my boys look clean cut again. My 11 year old nephew spent the day with us. He played with the boys and I got all sorts of things done, though convincing Jonz to do school was not easy and ended in bribing. We went to a live nativity in the evening as a family. The boys were enthralled and it was just cold enough to feel extra Christmas-y without being uncomfortably frigid; not to mention the wonderful way to spend an evening hearing about Jesus. I did some Christmas shopping and watched a movie with my husband. Totally awesome day.

This morning was nothing short of spectacular. The boys woke up quietly and refrained from fighting until I was fully awake. They also breakfasted quietly, allowing me to read my scriptures in peace where I was particularly struck by this verse: "And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?" Alma 5:26. Bam! The boys were still being good and I had time to pray uninterrupted. We had a nice morning together before heading off to Jonzy's computer class.

The day has certainly not been without stress, but it's beyond refreshing to have multiple pleasant days in a row. I feel more sympathetic, too, after stretches of more difficult days. I feel less likely to judge people harshly as they're probably just having an off day.

I'm going to ride this high for as long as it lasts (and pray it lasts through Christmas;))!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I've decided...

...that the responsibilities associated with owning a home, cars, and other expensive things is sometimes overwhelming.

...that it's not right that my memory was stellar before I had kids when the things I needed to remember and keep straight weren't nearly as vital and now that I really need a good memory, it's gone and I have to rely on calendars, dry erase boards, and scribbles on lost pieces of paper.

...that keeping three kids alive often feels like more than I can handle.

...that I think I'm doing a so-so job in doing more for them than just keeping my three children alive and hope I'm not woefully mistaken.

...that I have a hard time remembering in the moment to see things for the intent behind them instead of judging by actions alone.

...that the older I get the more songs about Jesus make me cry and I'm looking to be in big, embarrassing trouble in as little as five years.

...that raking leaves in December is not fun.

...that being a good teacher for Jonzy comes and goes and I shouldn't feel so bad about the "goes" times because we always get ahead in the "comes" times.

...that coming to decisions about anything is not easy.

...that I really want it to be Christmas already...except I have way to much to do between now and then.

...that I am quite rich when it comes to tender mercies.

...that I will never feel well rested again and most of the time I'm okay with that.

...that my boys need haircuts, three weeks ago.

...that I need a haircut!

...that you've read enough of what I've decided in the past few days for now:)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thankful Thursday

What to say, what to say...

How to dig past all the junk and focus on gratitude when all I want to do is scream about how I am finished, done, and giving up.

Yes, we are still sick here.

Now, I hate being sick any time. And I hate when my kids and husband are sick, any time of the year.

But for every single one of us to be sick, for weeks and weeks with no end in sight, and at Christmastime when we would much rather be getting out in the winter air with friends and family to celebrate the season than sniffing and coughing and living off of ibuprofen while we go stir crazy at home?

Yeah, that's wearing us all thin.

Each cough I hear from my boys feels like it's taking chip after chip away from my soul.

Chip. Chip. Chip.

I hate it.

I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.

I know this is no big deal. In the grand scheme of things, this matters very little. Things could be so much worse. So before I get even more whiny, I'll drum up some things I am grateful for today.

portable heaters
tap water
Christmas movies and music
strings of tiny lights making my home feel festive
roast beef
crock pots
strong, pleasant smells
five straight hours of sleep

Oh, and kleenex.

What are you thankful for today?

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fankful Friday

Yesterday was awful.

I was so sick (still am, though on good drugs and finally improving). I spent Wednesday unable to stand for more than a few minutes. Thursday I was able to get around alright, but had no energy left after taking care of bare essentials to even begin to patient with the boys. Whether from lack of attention, or an abundance of bad vibes in the atmosphere, or both, they were in no mood to be patient with me or each other either.

We spent the day super angry at each other and me wishing I could get some more sleep and mad that this Christmas season is turning out to be just as unhealthy as last year's.

Since I would not like to be presented with the Worst Mother of the Year Award, that's all the details to be had here.

Needless to say, but I'm going to anyway- I didn't write a thankful post yesterday.

I'm still on the perturbed side today, mostly from having to make up lost time from the last two days in housework and "behavior modification" in my grumpy boys.

But to combat that, here are some things I'm thankful for today:

appliances that help me make meals quickly and with little effort
indoor plumbing
mine and Bret's early Christmas present to ourselves
energy to stand up and accomplish something today
health insurance
that no one is throwing up (knock on wood)
our furnace and fireplace
Al and Goose playing nicely together for at least five consecutive minutes
Christmas music
Christmas movies
Christmas decorations
macaroni and cheese

What are you thankful for today?