Thursday, November 11, 2010

Celebrating the day formerly known as Armistice Day

Also known as- Happy Veterans Day!!!

I learned today that Veterans Day has only existed since the 1954. It used to be Armistice Day and celebrated the WWI vets and end of The War to End All Wars. Someone in Kansas (holla!) campaigned in 1953 for it to be changed and honor ALL veterans. Congress and President Eisenhower agreed in '54.

You learn something new everyday:)

I took my boys to the local Veterans Day parade today. I had hoped to take them to a ceremony after, but no go. We'll make more of a day of it when they're older. I love going to the Veterans Day parade. It's not super crowded and full of annoying things like fast food restaurant ads. It's a small, sweet parade full of veterans, American Legion members, color guards, flags, bands and bagpipers, and motorcycle riders. It's small enough that you can shout out a "thank you" and they'll look right at you and wave and smile, some even say "you're welcome.":)

I am so thankful for the brave men in my family who have fought to protect people of this nation and others. Both my grandfathers are WWII vets. My dad served in the Navy during the Vietnam War and my uncle in the Air Force. I hear I have WWI and Civil War veterans in my ancestry, too! What an amazing heritage to have and teach my boys about.

What I am even more thankful for is that they all lived through those wars.

I usually get teary during Veterans Day parades. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't today! Except for that one time...I had bent down to take care of one of the boys and got back up to resume clapping and cheering in time to see the "Gold Star Mothers" car going by. With everything in me I wanted to shout out a thank you. I couldn't. My throat had closed up.

I can only imagine how awful it would be to see my sons off to war and not get them back. Or my husband. Or my father. Or my brother. And then to rarely see any tokens of gratitude from those who benefit from that sacrifice.

No thank you.

I am so thankful we have a holiday devoted to honoring our veterans. I wish we made a bigger deal of it, though.

I hope you get a chance to thank a veteran today:)

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