Thursday, April 30, 2009

20 minutes to midnight still counts:)

It's been a crazy couple of weeks around here and it's going to be crazy for at least one more! I've longed to blog. Over and over and over again I've longed, but there just isn't time and it's been pushed down the priority list. Soon I hope to get back to a normal schedule and back to blogging more often.

As it is Thursday, I couldn't get away with not posting. This Thursday I am thankful for forgiving children. They love me no matter what and I'm so grateful! I pray daily that my mistakes (whether known or not) will not be the cause of ruin for my children. I've been apologizing lots to the boys lately. My mind is so full of what's next on the list to be accomplished that I get snappy. 75% of the time I have enough presence of mind to realize after I've snapped and shouldn't have and then the apologies come and the boys forgive me without a second thought. The rest of the time I go to bed and think, "why in the world did I react like that?!?!" and must pray for forgiveness because I doubt the boys would remember by the next morning what happened.

I'm so grateful my boys still love me and my heavenly Father still forgives me and answers my prayers. I've been praying to keep my wits about me so I can think better before I act and it's coming along. I'm so blessed!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Holy cow, it's Thursday already!

It's past ten o'clock and I haven't recorded any thankful thoughts yet!


PAINT! Yes! The aroma, the getting to wear comfy/casual clothes and not feeling frumpy about it, the way it makes my walls shine, the feeling of newness it brings to the house, the feeling like I'm getting to color on the walls like a little kid without getting in trouble, and the togetherness with my husband every night as we call out, "rag," to each other when we paint something we weren't supposed to. We've been painting all week and I'm not tired of it yet.

Painting does bring back the pain of the ol' soccer injury, but not nearly as bad as it was way back when.

So, while painting my be a pain in my neck [hahahaHA! Oh man, I crack myself up with puns...aaaanyway...], I'm having lots of fun and thankful for the opportunity to spruce up the place in this time consuming way:)

What are YOU thankful for this week???

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for some of the simple things.

Peanut Butter M&Ms....mmmmmmm.
Heated back massage thingys.

Yes. Today I am tired beyond tiredness. J is banned from strenuous physical activity so he can avoid that hacking cough and the little fellows are napping. So I am off to enjoy the simple pleasures mentioned above while taking in a movie with my overly energetic little asthmatic.

And yes, I do know how lucky I am to get a little break like this. Life is definitely good.

And what are you thankful for today?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Honk if you know what I'm talkin' about

Speaking of people (yes, I am picking up an a week old "conversation" from a post about people), I had a funny car incident yesterday that made me think of funny people.

I came up to a fairly empty intersection the other day, preparing to turn left. Lights were green, but there was a car coming the opposite direction so I thought I should wait to turn. The car slowed down and then stopped. I wondered why they would stop and double checked that there was no green arrow light. There wasn't. A split second later, one of the two cars behind me honked and before the short honk ended the green arrow light came on. I said, pointing to the lights above, "hey now, no need to get pushy. The light just barely came on!" And then I hurriedly pulled down my hand as the thought occurred to me that they might think I was flipping them the bird. As I drove on, I thought of the many reactions that people have when they hear a car horn. Here's what I came up with based on my own experiences honking and observation of others on the street. Honk a horn and here's what you may come across.

-The oh-no-did-I-do-something-wrong?-ists. These are the ones who hear a honk and double check everything to make sure that they're not breaking any laws, overlooking any signs, in anyone's way, or didn't see something behind them.

-The anyone-who-honks-at-me-is-an-idiot-because-I-am-always-right-ists. These are the ones who tail-gate and/or cut you off. These are also the guys who will park their car in the middle of the street and get out to talk to their homies. You come along and find the road blocked and can see a couple people on the roadside behind the car. You wait a few moments because anyone in their right might would not leave their car in the middle of the street and they must be about to leave. Then they come around to the open door, look at you, and continue to talk and not move their car. You are aggravated by their lack of manners and give a quick honk of your horn to let them know you need to get by, while resisting the urge to stick your head out the window and yell, "Hey, get your fat ugly suv out of the middle of the road, punk!" After speaking a bit longer he'll finally climb into his vehicle, rev his engine, and come at you, veering away from your fender in the nick of time. Half of you wishes he hits you so you can get him into trouble and the other half realizes that it's not worth the hassle, karma will come back to bite him anyway.

-The clueless-they-couldn't-possibly-be-honking-at-me-I'll-just-keep-doing-what-I'm-doing-ists. These people usually elicit a longer honk before their attention is caught and necessary changes made.

-The I-have-anger-management-issues-and-you're-going-to-hear-about-it-ists. Maybe you honked at these people, maybe you didn't. Either way when they hear a horn, they're going to assume it was at them and that they didn't deserve it. They're going to let out a stream of profanities that would make a sailor blush. Though highly irrational, these people are fun to watch in the dead of winter when the windows are rolled up and they're not going to get out of their car. The trying to shout loud enough to be heard through the glass, the shaking of fists and flailing about are almost comical.

-The Omigosh-I'm-so-sorry-I-can't-believe-I-just-did-that-I'm-sorry-I'm-so-embarrassed-I'm-sorry-I'm-sorry-ists. These usually happen in near collision backing up incidents where people aren't looking behind them. I say, "no harm, no foul. Thanks for stopping and not hitting my car."

-The so-I-broke-traffic-laws-and-endangered-your-life-your-children's-lives-my-life-and-nearly-wrecked-our-cars-...what-of-it?-next-time-get-out-of-my-way-ists. These are the ones that roll their eyes, flip you off, and get back to their all important cellphone call or text as they speed away.

That's what I came up with. Did I miss any? It's amazing that we're all people and yet we can react in such different ways, often unpleasant ways at that.

Thankful Thursday

It's raining! It's been raining often lately. I think it's rained more this spring already than it ever snowed this winter. Rain smells so good. I imagine that heaven smells like rain. People have tried to bottle the scent, but it's just not possible. Nothing smells so natural, clean, sweet, and wonderful as rain! I am thankful for the rain today, even if it means I can't open the windows and let some warmth and sunshine into the house. Warmth and sunshine will come later. Right now, I'll put on a sweatshirt and enjoy the rain.

What are you thankful for today?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I don't get it

I am not a people person.

In order to have a good conversation, I rely heavily on the other person. Some might peg me as shy, but honestly, I just don't know what to say. Ask the right questions and I'll talk up a storm. Otherwise, I'll just listen to whatever anyone else is talking about. It seems that when you get three+ people together there's bound to be interruptions and talking over another person. I don't like competing to talk and I hate being interrupted, so again- I'll just listen.

I don't like crowds. I don't like lines. I don't like trying to conduct business with people when money is involved. If you've ever seen the musical "Scrooge," you might be thinking of the song "I Hate People" right about now. I admit that I hold some of the same sentiments that Scrooge sings about.

In crowds, people get agitated and mean. In lines, people get antsy and mean. In business, people get sneaky and dishonest or they brush you off before anything is decided on.

*We're gutting our house in preparation to sell and this means I've put lots o' stuff for sale on local classifieds. People call, they come, they see, and then I never hear from them again despite my calls (messages) to say, "Hey did you decide whether or not you want this item? I need to know whether I should hold it for you or move on to the next asker..." Honestly, how hard is it to say, "No thanks."??? I promise you won't hurt my feelings. Please stop wasting my time!*

And yet-

I LOVE people! People are great! I've come across some fantastically stupendous strangers. I have met some wonderfully awesome people that make me feel maybe I can succeed in this life business merely by being in their presence. I have amazing friends! I have the best family! And they're made up of people...

People are capable of, and show me (sometimes personally, sometimes things I read or see on the news), so much good. And then there are times when people are jerks or completely lack common sense, feelings for others, and/or manners.

What is this love/hate relationship I have with people???

Thankful Thursday

Today I am paying homage to my bed. I am so incredibly thankful for a nice comfortable bed! Often I'll climb into bed at the end of a long day and think, "I am SO glad that I don't have to sleep on a dirt floor!" And it's not just a dirt floor that I don't have to experience. We have an uber comfortable mattress and soft soft soft sheets and pillows! It's bliss:)

What are you thankful for this Thursday?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feline Frustration

I have a plea and hope everyone who can make a difference will take this plea to heart.

If you have a cat, please please please PLEASE keep it in the house. There do exist people like me who do not own cats and have young boys who like to be outside. Contrary to popular belief, cats do not always bury their "business." They'll relieve themselves wherever they feel like it and let the rest of us deal with it. Fences don't keep out cats, they go wherever they feel like. It is a pet owners responsibility to monitor their pet and clean up after it. Do not send your cat out at night (or in the day) because they will wander into other people's yards and leave their mark. This is not only disgusting, it is highly dangerous for young children. It is especially dangerous for crawling children and those who still put everything in their mouths. And if you don't feel anything for other people's children or yards, at the very least do it for your cat. Cats live longer healthy lives if they're kept inside.

We have a colony made up of feral and domestic cats in the neighborhood that frequent our yard to do their dooty, I mean duty.

I hate it. With a passion.

I don't take my boys out into our own yard unless I first run a check of it and can clean up. Usually, I just forgo the whole ordeal because leaving my boys' presence for a mere ten seconds throws them into fits of despair. I want to plant flowers this spring and briefly thought of how much fun it would be to involve my oldest in the project. That was, until I remembered that I can't have him digging in the dirt that is crawling with cat crap.

"Just get a cat trap," you say.

"Sure," says I, "and taint all relationships with neighbors (who[...or is it whom?] we have brought it up to) in the process. That and the fact that any time we catch a cat I would have to get all the kids in the car and haul it to the shelter." I am thiiiiis close to doing it though. For now, I'm laying out cayenne pepper and keeping the bb gun loaded.

Please keep your cats inside!

P.S. If you happen to live in the rural countryside, I am of the opinion that it is perfectly fine to have an outside cat. How else are you supposed to get rid of mice in the barn or shed? Plus, with so much of a lack of pavement, cats in the country will tend to do their thing where no one is going to come across it so parents don't have to worry about their little ones so much.