Thursday, January 30, 2014


I feel obligated to write.

These things happen. It's happened before. It will happen again.

I just don't feel like writing.

And so I don't.

You can't force these things.

But I will tell you that I made a jar for 2014 (and probably years to come, if this catches on). 2013 was a stupid year. I even wrote this letter to 2013 and stuck it on facebook:

Dear 2013, 
I hate you. 
Good riddance. 
It's time to party. 
To celebrate you ending. 
I might even make a cheeseball. 
Because you're over.

People laughed, but I was dead serious (although I'll admit to a smidgen of humor driven behind writing that).

In hopes of keeping an optimistic spirit through 2014, I created a jar. It's a cute jar. I even put ribbon on it. Once we move, I'll probably try to make it cuter. But for now it's mostly just functional. I store slips of paper in the lid and a pen inside. Every day (or almost every day) I write down something God did for me that day and happy moments. I've written down things from my Trooper learning to walk to timely words from a church leader. It's great and I like it:)

So I guess I dedicate this Thankful Thursday to my jar...It needs a name. I'll get around to that.

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Because it's been too long

I can't win.

I told my boys last night that they could go downstairs when they woke up instead of waiting for me to come get them. Only stipulation: Be super quiet so you don't wake up Trooper.

The talking (my boys' normal volume is two decibels short of yelling) started before they even got halfway down the stairs.

I can't win.

I asked the boys to unload the dishwasher (a daily chore) and was met with protestations galore. "WHY do we have to put dishes away?" (so we have clean dishes when we want them) "Why is it only ever US doing dishes and not YOU?" (oh no you di'int!) "I HATE having dishes!" (you're welcome to eat off the floor) "Goose, get out of the way!" (you might try asking him nicely) "I HATE selling our house!" (so do I, but bad news: you're still going to have to do this at our new house because this is something that needs to be done whether we have a showing or not)

I can't win.

I tried to make cleaning their room a game. Only stipulation: Be super quiet so you don't wake up Trooper sleeping right on the other side of the wall.

You can guess how many seconds THAT lasted. *siiiiiiiiigh*

I can't win.

Christmas was less than a month ago. The pleeeeeeeease-can-I-have-this requests are already back in full swing. Sat one of my boys down today and explained how blessed he is to have any toys at all let alone the massive amount we do have. He about died of grief when he did not get the "black sonic the hedgehog guy remote controlled motorcycle toy" he saw on a shelf today.

I just can't win.

I have hope that all the years past, present, and future of this means I'm going to win in the long run. When my boys have grown into well mannered, down to earth, hard working, respectful men and all that.

But for now?

I'd really just like a win!