Saturday, November 13, 2010

Families and Independence

Family gatherings are delightful.

I love getting together with family. I love playing together and talking together.

I adore family gatherings. Especially since Bret is so awesome about doing the dishes when there's a bunch of people over. I might not like it so much if there was a pile of dishes to do once everyone was gone.

On the flip side I also love doing special things with my little nuclear family. Sometimes I wish that we could celebrate holidays or birthdays with just the five of us.

It occurs to me though, that perhaps the way to have my cake and eat it to would be to create our own family traditions separate from special occasions. Then we could do special things together as a family while still enjoying the traditional larger gatherings and celebrations with extended family...I ought to put more thought into that.

I love having family close by. And I love having space and being free to be our own family, too.

It's a good life:)


Bret said...

Hey, I'm ok at doing the dishes all the time. :)

Lindsey the Muse-r said...

You sure are:)