Thankful Thursday Origins

November 2008, I decided to take the week before Thanksgiving and blog about something I was grateful for every day. I liked it so much that I made a weekly event of it. Though life throws unwanted curve balls at me often, I find I have an easier and happier time if I make an effort to remember what I have to be grateful for.

At first I thought I was slightly clever for coming up with a name for this. Then I thought, "There's no way I'm the first one to think of that...oh well, I can't think of another cool name." I have since found out that there are at least three other bloggers who have initiated a Thankful Thursday. Please don't fault me for plagiarism; I really did think this was an original idea when I came up with it.

This blog has mostly become that weekly installment with a little more thrown in every so often. I hope you don't mind. You're welcome to tell me if you do:)

Join me if you like. Link back or don't. Mention me or don't. Blog or don't. But I hope you at least pause for a moment when you visit me here and think of what you're grateful for.