Saturday, November 20, 2010

In the knick of time

Or is it "nick of time?"

Anyway, 11:59 pm still counts:)

Given that I've been posting in the ending hours of the day for the past four days, can you get a feel for how things have been going?

Busy, busy, busy! My computer is missing me and I'm afraid to face my neglected email inboxes. Or is it inboxi???

Today was a fantastic day!! Last night and today I got to experience Time Out for Women with my sister in law. I'm already trying to figure out how to get next year's event planned and executed:)

I got home and was whisked off to drop the kids off with Bret's sister while we went to dinner with his parents. Then I was surprised with a trip to the theater where we got to see the latest Harry Potter movie!!!! We had some trouble getting to the theater in time and ended up in the front row on the end. Even with the awful angle, it was a great movie!

What an incredible day:) Great times with great people!

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