Sunday, November 21, 2010

Will the near midnight postings never end?!?!

I am a fan of the Thanksgiving season.

I love that there is a holiday completely devoted to gratitude...although it's been somewhat eclipsed by gluttony and football.

Pity that so many people miss how awesome this time of year can be.

One thing I dislike seeing every year is the onslaught of Christmas as soon as Halloween is over.

I totally understand. Christmas. Is. Awesome. But if we're going to start so early, how about we flop Halloween and Thanksgiving so that the glanced over holiday is Halloween?

All that said...I started to long for Christmas today. I was doing laundry and the Charlie Brown Christmas movie theme song popped into my head and I got sooooo excited for the ever nearing official kick off to the Howser Christmas season. It will be here on Saturday:)

I love Thanksgiving. And part of what I love about it is the anticipation-for-but-not-going-to-start-juuuust-yet Christmas celebrations. Delayed gratification has its perks!

This week I will focus even more on celebrating and being thankful with loved ones.

But in the back of my head I might just be humming Christmas music:)

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