Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I love change...while despising some changes.

I love and hate to move, house-wise.

I love changing temperatures. Especially when there's a cold day followed immediately by a warm day. Or sunshiny day followed by a blizzard day (preferably a weekend day).

I love to rearrange furniture.

I love getting new sisters in law.

But I do not appreciate changes to the daily routine. Like getting sick. Or having to work school around a last minute schedule change.

And so today I am thankful for the cold weather with the occasional big snowflake coming down, the desk I just cleaned (again), my husband being home early (that's pretty much the only daily routine change I like), and I nice, normal, busy day.

What about you?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I've been making changes too...inside my house. It's my way of winterizing! :)

Bret said...

I like change. Quarters, dimes, nickels. Not pennies, though. They're annoying.