Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I don't understand people.

So often they're confusing, they project crafted images, and they're unbelievably selfish.

Regularly, I get to the point where I just get fed up with people and this song pops into my head. Skip to 6:27, where the song starts. At minute 8:14 the song is interrupted with some dialogue, but starts again at 9:24. Enjoy:)

That Scrooge sure hits the nail on the head sometimes. I know it's not Christian at all of me to think these thoughts about people. I justify myself because I'm not thinking this about particular people. This only happens when I feel like I've dealt with a lot of aggravation at the hands of many people in a short amount of time. This time it's a mix of, as Scrooge would say, "sycophants and flatterers and fools" and people hastily making judgments about who I am and what my intentions are.

Plus, it makes me laugh! And then feel like I can suck it up and look at what I can do to improve the situations I can.

I enjoyed the laugh and thought I'd share and hope you get some kicks out of it, too. Here are they lyrics.

Here's to progressing to the point that other people's actions and words cause me to feel a deeper love for them instead of aggravation!

"The road is loooooong..."

Humbug! Poppycock! Balderdash! Bah!
Scavengers and sycophants and flatterers and fools
Pharisees and parasites and hypocrites and ghouls
Calculating swindlers, prevaricating frauds
Perpetrating evil as they roam the earth in hordes
Feeding on their fellow men
Reaping rich rewards
Contaminating everything they see
Corrupting honest men like me
I hate people! I hate people!
People are despicable creatures
Loathsome inexplicable creatures
Good-for-nothing, kickable creatures
I hate people! I abhor them!
When I see the indolent classes
Sitting on their indolent [as my Mom would say, "Boom-dee-ays.":)]
Gulping ale from indolent glasses
I hate people! I detest them! I deplore them!
Fools who have no money spend it
Get in debt then try to end it
Beg me on their knees befriend them
Knowing I have cash to lend them
Soft-hearted me. Hard-working me.
Clean-living, thrifty, and kind as can be
Situations like this are of interest to me
I hate people! I loathe people! I despise and abominate people!
Life is full of cretinous wretches
Earning what their sweatiness fetches
Empty minds whose pettiness stretches
Further than I can see
Little wonder, I hate people
And I don't care if they hate me!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This time last year I was in one of my favorite states, colorful Colorado, cruising down a river in a duckie (think inflatable canoe) with my wonderful Molly.

What a beautiful day it was!

It was absolutely freezing in the shade (more so once we got wet). And since we were in a canyon, we were in the shade a LOT. But there were those times when the sun could break over the canyon walls and shine, shine, shine.

There was a moment...I remember looking up during a quiet stretch of the river and loving the way the rocks and plants looked in the sunshine, the sounds of the river, and what a beautiful world I am blessed to live in. It was so amazing and happy that I had to shout out, "Look how spectacular this is!!" for no one but Molly to hear.

Ahhhh, the great outdoors:)

This year, the weather is just as gorgeous here. The sun is shining. It's not getting too hot yet. The windows are open and there is usually a breeze coming through them. My garden is green and actually thriving this year! As-fresh-as-it-gets salad coming tonight:)

I'm so thankful for the natural beauties and bounties we are blessed with here.

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The burning question

It's been happening regularly for years.

Even in the days after I gave birth to twins.

And as those "babies" of mine get bigger and bigger, it's happening more.

Lately, a LOT more.

It usually comes in one of three forms: Are you done? When are you going to have more? Are (or when are) you going to try for a girl?

Short answer- "I don't know."

Not good enough for you? Then dive into the long answer-

"I'd like to know even more than you, but I have no idea."

Bret and I both come from families of six and had thought four kids would be a good number for us, too. While taking care of days-old twins I declared to myself and God that never ever ever again would I do this because it was just too hard.

I've lightened up since then. Sometimes, I've even thought having five would be best.

But what I have remained firm on is that I'm not having another until we get a clear as crystal "It's time" from above. Both times we were trying to get pregnant, we really felt that the time was right. I haven't felt that since Al and Goose came. At all. And I'm beginning to wonder if I ever will.

I've wondered many things over the years. Like, what if I can't have any more children? Maybe God sent Al and Goose together because he knew my body and/or mind couldn't handle any future additions and our family was meant to have these three boys so he had to double them up. Will I ever get that feeling some moms talk about; the peaceful one where they just know that they're done? Will we just skip the whole process and the "it's time" will come in the form of a "Surprise!?"

We may never know.

I take comfort in the fact that we're in a good place right now. I love my family. I love my boys.

Does that answer the question?:)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

There was a moment...

Here are some moments I've had lately:

While driving home from running a couple errands, I felt more than a little stressed and was trying to get my mind to settle so I could concentrate. I had tuned the kids out. Suddenly I realized that Goose was singing. He was belting out some song of his own creation at the top of his lungs, oblivious to anyone else in the car. He does this every once in a while. He'll just be in his own little world and singing, singing, singing; I L.O.V.E it. But he stops when he realizes I'm watching. Since I was driving and couldn't turn around to watch him, I just listened. And since he didn't know I was listening he just kept on going all the way home. It was a such a sweet moment forgetting everything else and listening to my little boy sing so happily.

Then there was the time Bret and I were talking in the kitchen a few nights back. At the end of the conversation I walked away to switch the laundry and Bret said, "Hey, Lindsey. I love you." For something that we say so often to each other, it's still wonderful to hear.

There have also been a handful of times recently when I've caught my boys looking so intently at something they're trying to figure out. It's such a joy to see them learning new things.

I've also decided that when people say, "You'll miss this," that I finally believe them. We are in a fantastic stage with three and six year old boys. I've been having many moments lately where I realize that this won't last forever and it makes the present that much sweeter:)

Have you had any moments you'd like to share?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Oh, Moms.

Why do you do this?

Why can't we all stop talking the talk and actually start walking the walk???

We say all sorts of nice and grand things about not judging other moms and their decisions. We talk of how each family is different and therefore each mom is entitled to make decisions based on what's best for those under her care.

Great! Then why don't we believe it?


I say, "I homeschool my boys" and suddenly I've offended 75% of the moms who heard me say it.


I didn't say, "I'm better than you, so I homeschool my boys." Nor did I say, "You're a bad mom and you don't love your children if you don't homeschool."

When someone says to me, "My kids go to such-and-such school," I don't hear, "You're smothering your children and not allowing them to really experience life and great education, you horrible homeschooling mother you!"

Why do we get so defensive and offended?

I don't know, but we do. I don't get offended at the offset of conversations about education, but I have been known to get hurt at what comes out once the defensive buttons have been pushed.

It hurts that other moms out there honestly believe that I'm harming my kids, that I think parents who don't homeschool are awful, that I think I'm better than they are, that my boys are going to fail and be weirdos no one wants to be around, that I don't trust my boys, that I don't care about other people or my community, etc. etc. etc.

The latest I've heard is that I lack "courage and love" and am not allowing my boys to use their agency or be good examples and missionaries since I don't send them to school.

It hurrrrrrts, people! Even when it mostly comes from people who don't really know me.

When are we honestly going to embrace the fact that what's best for one family isn't for another and that everyone else is trying to do the best they can for their families?

P.S. To those of you I know in real life who don't homeschool- if I've ever given the impression that I think less of you because of your schooling decisions, I'm sorry! That's not the impression I mean to give because I don't think it. You're wonderful moms who I know are following the guidance you are sent!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for-

Sweet reminders.
Weekend plans.
Washing machines and dryers.
Root beer.
Easy dinner.

What are YOU thankful for today???