Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday! Who's feeling fulfilled?

I had a fairly good week, especially if I'm allowed to just throw Thursday out of the equation.

Monday and Tuesday were great school days. The kind where everything just flows, Jonzy's brain clicks on everything-even the things he's been struggling on, and we breeze through multiple lessons in each subject and get ahead of schedule.

Wes and I were pretty sick on Monday, but after everyone slept until 8:25!!!! on Tuesday morning we were all happy. Tuesday was the best day this week. The house was clean. School went well. The boys screamed at each other so much less than they have been lately; smiles and sunshine all around while it stormed outside.

Wednesday we started to falter a bit. And's a good thing we got ahead during the week because I had zilch in the patience department.

Today is looking good so far except that there's already too much on the schedule that I'm afraid won't get done in time. And we're off!

Hope you all had a fulfilling week!

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