Thursday, May 30, 2013


It's Thursday AGAIN?!?!

Just gonna warn you: blogging is most likely going to be sporadic over the next...while because we're trying to move this summer and I'm not exactly sure when this is all going to settle.

This means- 

1) I am trying to keep a house in show condition.  While living in it.  With four boys.  No easy feat. At all.

2) I am on the look out for a new abode.  From three hours away.  And unable to put down any offers until this house is under contract.  This is turning out to be a nice exercise for my faith vs. my emotions, balancing tying not to fall in love with anything yet (though the good pickin's are slim) with trusting that we'll get there when we get there and everything will work out fine.  Every few days I just step away from the regularly visited websites and pretend I'm not going to look until we're under contract.

3) I am packing (not so much now) and sorting and cleaning and selling.  All while trying to do all the normal stuff of being mom to these fellas and keep up with Jonz end-of-the-school-year schedule (Field trips, art shows, elaborate science experiments, field day, etc.  And- a bike rodeo?!  Really, PTA?  The minimalist in me says field day is enough).

4) All of the above make me not want to sit down and type out a blog post.  I'll try to post with regularity.  But no promises.

Rambling aside, I am thankful for this wonderful adventure ahead for us.  We're super blessed that the housing market has recovered more than we ever hoped it would.  Crossing our fingers we can even make some money off the sale of this house, when just a few months ago we didn't think we could sell it for what we bought it for.  Hope for the present, hope for the future, and it's a lovely spring to boot. 

But I'll still miss this house, this neighborhood, and having so many awesome people close by.  So many blessings here that I am thankful for.

What are you thankful for today?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"I like ten dollars."

I'm fairly worn out.  So I apologize if this post is anything less than coherent...

This morning the twins and I were laying on the floor by Trooper taking silly videos with my phone.  After I played them all back for them, Goose asked if he could play games on my phone.  I told him the battery was low and I needed to charge it.  He looked sideways at me from where he was laying next to my head and after a slight pause he said, "Mom, I think you need to charge YOUR battery."

Quite right, pal!

I'm so thankful I get to hang out with these awesome guys all day and for how often they make me laugh with their unintended wit and hilarity.

What are you thankful for today?

Monday, May 13, 2013

If you build it, they will come

Long ago in times past I bought super adorable crib bedding for my firstborn.

It was only after he reached the age of climbing out of his crib that I learned- crib bumpers increase the risk of SIDS and can cause injury to an infant unfortunate enough to get tangled up in one while merely trying to sleep.

Live and learn, right.  (And be thankful my boy didn't suffocate in his crib!)

Then I had the twins.  Rolling into the side of the crib or getting stuck with legs or arms in the bars was never an issue with them.

So I never had to think about crib bumpers other than deciding not to buy another one.

..That...orrrr it's possible that's just more details I've blocked out from their infancy...tough to say.

Anyway, enter Trooper- sleep champion and angel (at least at night; naps haven't been predictable for a couple months.  But that's another story.).

Dude has been getting his legs caught in the bars all week.  Nap time. Night time.  It doesn't matter.  He get's stuck every time, at least once but often more.

It's sad to hear that I-want-to-be-asleep-but-something-is-NOT-right! cry.

And so I thought, "What we really need is some sort of mesh thing to keep his legs from getting stuck, but won't risk suffocation..."

I got online tonight to see if someone else had the same issue and the ingenuity to create the product to boot.  Wouldn't you know it- they did!

So I got on here to say:  I am so glad to live in a day and age when there are so many things invented to make our lives more comfortable.  And not just invented, but readily available to Joe Shmoe! 

I have a problem.  I think of a solution.  Someone has already invented, patented, produced, marketed, and distributed what I need. Tomorrow I drive to the store and pick it up.  Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I wish I could spell the sound a "raspberry" makes cuz then I'd write it here

It's been a "I want to eat all the cookies and sleep all day tomorrow" kind of week.

As my when-they-were-three year old twins say with a mournful shake of the head, "I yikey."  Otherwise translated: I don't like it.

But I DO like that my husband will be home in two hours.

I do like that my Troopster is so flippin' adorable practicing his newly discovered "d" and "th" and "sth" sounds.  He's hilarious.

I do like that next week will not be like this week.  Though it could be worse...let's hope it's not.

I do like that I have a bathtub and running water for my boys to utilize so they stop smelling like sweaty teenagers.

I do like that it's almost bedtime.

I do like looking around my house and seeing all the progress that has been made this past week.

And I do like that I can eat cookies.

What are you thankful for today?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thoughts. Random ones.

Moving makes me seriously consider selling most of our possessions.

I have a hard time not wanting to strangle the teenager who rides by numerous times on his dirt bike and feels the need to rev the engine loudly each time- while my exhausted and sick baby tries unsuccessfully to take a nap.

My Trooper is an angel.

I hate wadded up socks in the laundry.  They're usually the dirtiest ones and require my sticking my hands inside them to get them unwadded so there can be hope of them coming clean in the washer.  With four little boys (three of whom seem to never hear me say, "Put your shoes on before you go outside.") and one yard caretaker and scout camper extraordinaire- that is all I have to say about socks.

Jonz is my right hand man.

Far too often, I feel as though I am living in a den of wild and filthy animals.  Not having to say, "Go back and wash your hands" twelve times a day, receiving a look of surprise as if I've never said it before, would certainly go a long way in helping me not feel that way.

Al is pure enthusiasm.

I like essential oils.  Woke up yesterday with a sore throat, gargled some water with a drop of lemon oil in it- kapow, sore throat gone in ten minutes.

Goose's laugh is my life's comic relief.

As a fairly reasonable woman, I am slightly ashamed at how giddy a haircut and new dress makes me feel.

I am incomplete without Bret.  All Jerry Maguire jokes aside, we get along quite well when he's gone; I can manage hearth, home, and four monkey boys (*toot toot* that's my horn!), but I do better and feel better when Dad's around.  Not in an unhealthy dependence way, but in an I-feel-empty-when-he's-not-here kind of way. What can I say?  I love my eternal companion!

I am proud of my Jonz and his decision to be baptized.  My pure joy and anticipation of that event is somewhat tempered by the weight I suddenly feel, now that he has reached the age of accountability, to make sure I teach him what he needs to know.

Despite all these random things that constantly roll around in my mind and make it hard to think straight, I am thankful for the life they come from.  I am quite blessed in the life I have been given and all that comes from it- good and not-so-good.

What are you thankful for today?