Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

It's been quite a crazy three quarters of a week.

Wednesday was the nuttiest.  Too much time spent in the van and in waiting rooms or scrambling to finish tasks before deadlines (yes, stay at home moms have deadlines, too).

In the packed time of Wednesday were many blessings.  They inspire my Thankful Thursday list today.  I am thankful for...

...a great school for Jonz to go to and his teacher's genuine smile.
...finding time to squeeze in a much needed haircut before the baby comes. family staying safe as we spent far too much time in the van going here and there via the interstate.
...patient twins who are so good in the car.
...a good dentist and his great staff.
...modern dental technology that makes the scariness and pain of fixing teeth much easier. awesome, brave, and obedient eldest son.
...that someone cancelled their appointments (for the next two hours) while I stood at the counter trying unsuccessfully to get appointments for Al and Goose, making it possible to not only get their teeth cleaned and checked before the baby comes, but without having to make another trip!
...The Muppets 12 Days of Christmas
...that the elevators being fixed at the women's center were not both out of order so I could get to my appointment at the top floor on time AND not out of breath.
...that my sister in law works in the same building and I could go to the appointment sans children.
...that I could negotiate my way from four remaining OB appts to TWO:)
...that I was told yesterday that since I have a scheduled c-section and am not a high-risk pregnancy this time (and since I have a cervix of steel that doesn't dialate) my remaining appointments are just blood pressure, measurement, and heartbeat checks.  This not only means that I don't have to have my cervix checked anymore, but that I don't have to find someone to watch Al and Goose during my appts (soooooo much easier!)., wireless internet, and a scanner.
...that people answered their phones (a rarity) allowing me to finish my RS responsibilities semi-quickly
...a fun evening with Bret's family
...Christmas movie time with my husband
...getting to spend so much time in these early years with the sweetest boys in the world (and their beautiful, innocent, shining eyes that I could stare at all day).

What are you thankful for today?

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