Friday, November 16, 2012

That day I pretended Friday was Thursday

Yesterday was long and busy and once I was finally home with all my boys around me I completely forgot that it was Thursday and I had a post to write.

Gotta say, I like evenings like that.

But.  Because I started this tradition for myself, because the major holiday devoted to gratitude is just next week, and because I desperately need constant reminders of all I have to be grateful for- here's my Thankful Thursday post for this week.  I feel like I've gone deep with the last many, so this one is in simple and happy list form:)

A few things I am thankful for today:

-piles of leaves gathered in gutters underneath trees on misty mornings.
-trusting sons who still love me even though I take them to the doctor for shots
-the smell of snow
-nutella on graham crackers
-to finally be seeing progress on our rearranging projects in the house (it's been frustrating that the more I try to organize the more disorganized everything feels.  But everything's finally sliding into place, bit by bit:))
-the sight of the crib, now ready for our baby (this one is still a little surreal and unnerving, too;))
-a fixed dryer; I LOVE line drying our laundry, but this makes this so much easier (and I now I can do both!)
-Bret: my goofy, long-suffering husband with a smile that still gives me butterflies in my stomach.
-my firstborn, who reminds me so much of myself when he gets angry that something isn't going perfectly on the first try.
-the furnace
-loooooooooong showers

And what are you thankful for today?????????

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