Saturday, December 8, 2012


Yes, I was fully aware that I had time to blog on Thursday- and didn't.

Yes, I was fully aware that I had time to make-up blog yesterday- and didn't.

Here I am today, fully aware that I have time to blog- and I just want to be lazy. 

So two days late, lazy,  and flying by the seat of my pants, here's this week's Thankful *saturday* Thursday:

I am thankful for a husband who hugs me when I lose it, doesn't think I'm crazy, wrestles with the boys, supports me, gives me breaks, works hard, smiles, and still finds me attractive in my current state.  And I am very much looking forward to receiving a priesthood blessing through him before heading in for surgery.

I am thankful for my firstborn who is so much like his parents (yay! and poor kid;)), is so obedient, jumps up when I ask for his help, is so watchful and full of concern and love for his siblings, trusts me, tries so hard to be best at everything he puts his hands and mind to, and makes me almost cry whenever I think about how lucky I am that he's growing up so sweetly and I get to be part of that process.

I am thankful for my middle-by-30-seconds son who kisses my tummy and is excited by the baby's kicks, who tries to think of ways to outwit his brothers, who (along with his twin) fills my days with conversation (often too much;)), is usually the first to wake up every morning, and takes notice of details.

I am thankful for my youngest who could give Curious George a run for his money, is wildly enthusiastic, tells me he loves me "every single time" all the time, is so observant of the little things in the world around him, makes everything into a race or contest, and thinks everything exciting is "da best _____ EVER!"

I am thankful for my soon-to-be youngest who is constantly on the move, doesn't give me heartburn, has taught me to have stronger hope and faith, and whose face profile looks ridiculously cute in the ultrasound picture on our fridge.

I am thankful for extended family, for friends, for the women I work with at church, for Jeffrey's teacher, for kind neighbors, and for my gloriously wonderful life that makes the rough times seem fleeting.

What are you thankful for today???

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