Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quit it with the zombies

Here's something I've been thinking about for a while and am finally "verbalizing."

I find the growing craze and acceptance of all things zombie to be extremely annoying and disturbing. 

I just don't get it.  I understand the entertainment value in being scared, to a degree.  But beyond the fun in getting someone's heart to skip a beat or two...I just don't get it.

Why are more and more people okay with the gore, blood, and living dead junk?  Why do so many people find it funny?

It's not funny.  At all.  When did it become funny to disrespect life so much?

Because seriously, that's what it looks like to me- complete disrespect and disregard for the amazingness that is life.

It's just one more thing that is desensitizing people to cruelty.  Which, agree with me or not, leads to more nut-jobs committing more and more bloody, gory, cruel crimes against people.

Whatever, Lindsey.  No one is the same and I should allow people to believe what they want to and enjoy their own entertainment. 

Live and let live, right?

That would be fine by me.  As an adult, I have a firm grasp of reality and the ability to avoid things I don't like in most situations.  But my boys?  Not so much.  They're little, curious sponges soaking up all they can as they grow and try to understand the world around them. 

If we're going to live and let live, then I say get rid of those disturbing billboards advertising the haunted houses with larger than life pictures of bodies falling apart.  The ones my boys can't stop staring at and asking questions about as we drive past because it's one of those "does not compute" things they're trying to understand.  The ones that put disgusting images into their minds that love to come out in terrifying nightmares in the middle of the night when we'd like to be sleeping peacefully.

If we're going to live and let live, then quit displaying the disgusting Halloween masks right next to the children's costumes in the stores.

Quit putting the gory horror movies right next to the Charlie Brown Halloween specials DVDs. 
Quit dressing up the baby as the bloody spawn of your gory character for Halloween.
Quit putting on public zombie shows.

In other words, quit putting so many disturbing images in public that I can't get my kids away from and causing them to have more things to fear in their innocent world of naturally accepting everything as absolute truth.

In other words- I'm glad Halloween is over and more pleasant holidays are coming up.

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