Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thank you

Yes, I missed Thankful Thursday on Thanksgiving.

But spending time with loved ones all weekend is much higher on the priority list than getting to my computer and writing a post.

And hey, I'm still full of gratitude.  And since I'm the main benefactor from this weekly endeavor of mine, I say my absence is totally justifiable.

Take that!

Anyway, I was just reading my posts from last December and had a moment that I thought I oughta share.

I seem to have forgotten that last holiday season was spent mightily sick.  Like, sicker-and-weaker-than-I've-been-in-years sick.  Most of the past Novs/Decs I've gotten something bad, but usually it's just my boys that get knocked out by viruses.  Last year, though, I got hit harder than I have in a while.  Stomach bug on Thanksgiving and the flu or a flu-like bug (which led to ear and sinus infections, of course) for weeks in December.

There was lots of "wo-is-us" in those posts, but also lots of recognition of tender mercies, too.

It was as I was reading one of the posts the thought came to me, "you're protected because of that."

In that moment, I thought of how little I understand of Heavenly Father's path for me.  I now readily believe it highly likely that I spent last holiday season so sick, along with my kiddos, so that this year (when we're getting ready to welcome a baby) we'd be stronger.  Though I didn't know it yet, Heavenly Father knew that this year I would be physically taxed creating a body for someone.  Getting sick is extra dangerous when pregnant.  Perhaps he was protecting me and the baby this year by training my body last year to fight off more viruses...Perhaps I'm off my rocker.  But I don't think so:)

And I realized that I have not been as thankful during times of sickness as I should be.

Sicknesses can teach us many things; like patience, trust, humility, service, charity, faith, and gratitude. 

But I realized...or more deeply understand tonight that each time we heal from an illness, our immune systems are stronger and that sometimes God uses that as a protection for us.

How many times has a previous sickness saved me major trouble/pain/heartache/etc. and I didn't even know it???

So thank you, Heavenly Father.  Thank you for protecting me and my loved ones.  And thank you for not getting upset with me when I whine and don't recognize what a great blessing you are giving me.

And now I just have to hope that he taught me that lesson tonight so I can more fully appreciate the next few weeks of health (knock on wood) and not so that I'm ready to get hit with another bout...

Hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving weekend!

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Jar and Steph said...

What a cool perspective on illness! Thank you tons for posting about this, I have to work at remembering how illness teaches us so much. We'll pray for you to stay healthy through the next few weeks!