Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For fun

Alternately titled: An overabundance of parentheses.
This picture is over a month old (yes, I'll take another belly shot...maybe in a couple weeks:)), but I thought I'd put it up for fun today.
What a difference eight weeks makes, eh?!

In non-cow news, I went out last night to run some errands (got a super cute little newborn outfit for Christmas!  Baby things are so sweet.) and got the regular bunch of comments and questions from passers-by and check out clerks.

Comments ranging from "wow, a month? but you look ready to pop" (yes...thanks for that observation; I am keenly aware of how long a month sounds, too) to "oh I can tell you're carrying a girl" (even though I carried my boys the same way and you've never seen me before...) to "Fourth?!..........." (I dare you to say something about my age or overpopulation.  Please, it would make this conversation so much more interesting!).

What can I say?  I'm a snarky person.  (You knew that about me, didn't you?)

My favorite, though (I'm getting to the non-cow part), was from a woman who was walking toward me, did a double take after she passed me and said, "Oh, you're pregnant?!?  I didn't even know until I looked at your belly.  You're just so skinny everywhere and that belly just pops straight out!"

Praises to you, dear woman. 

And because I'm feeling far too snarky right now, I'd better stop writing before I get myself in trouble.

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