Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I've been having a crazy coupla days. It's only Wednesday and it feels like it should be next Tuesday.

I'm not a fan of talking on the phone. Isn't it just my luck then, that I've been on the phone 500% more often than usual in the last three days. I'm serious. (I'm not constantly on the phone, but considering the norm is a single quick phone call every four or five days- seven+ a day is killing me! Especially when they're not quick.)

There's way to much going on and my brain has reached its capacity. No room in the inn. And much of the space is taken up trying to solve a few problems. I'm coming up with no completely acceptable answers. First world problems, eh.

I'm feeling very frustrated today.

Strike that. I feel like I should be frustrated today. But really, tired is the overall feeling. Does that make me tirated??

I think I simply need some resolution in life. It seems as though new issues arise before the old ones are ever resolved. Makes me tirated for certain.

But hey! My husband is home after three days of work travel. Life is already looking up.

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