Wednesday, April 18, 2012

There was a moment...

God has a sense of humor. I swear He was laughing with me during the moment this afternoon.

There I was, trying my darndest to practice the piano.

I was plunking my way through "I'm Trying to be like Jesus;" my very first stab at a 6/8 song.

I can handle sight reading 4/4 time pretty well, but the 6/8 requires reaching further back into the recesses of my brain for the knowledge that was once right at the forefront (about 11 years ago).

I've found it easier to get the rhythm right if I sing the song in my head while playing the notes instead of trying to count the beat.

So I was singing in my head and playing the notes...and then I played an e when I should have played an e flat.

Sourrrrrrr note!

Not so funny in and of itself.

No, the funny part comes when I tell you that the word underneath that note was "wrong."

Get it?!?:)

I'm singing to myself and right when I played that wrong note I'm also singing the word "wrong!"

I started giggling right there.

And honestly, it seemed as if someone else was having a good chuckle about it right with me.

It's nice to be reminded that He has a sense of humor.

Had any moments lately that you'd like to share?

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