Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's a beat my head against the wall kind of day

I started to make myself breakfast three times before I was finally able to finish and eat it two hours later.

I started to wash the dishes twice before I was able to finish 7 hours after starting with the dishwasher hanging open for five of those hours since I hoped to get "right back to it"...yeah right.

Jeffrey and I started school five times before we finally finished (sort of, he's finishing his math right now) 8 hours later.

I started making lunch three times before I managed to get the boys eating. Never did manage to get lunch for myself, but that's okay. I ate breakfast so late I'm only just getting hungry. Perfect for dinnertime!

I started making my bed twice before I managed to finish an hour later.

I started weeding the garden twice before I finished that.

I told the boys 16 times to get their shoes on before we managed to get out the door.

I've played phone tag three times today.

And let's not even mention the tasks I thought about starting today.

First world problems to be sure. But all I want is my bed and quiet.

...And I've wished for that at least 7 times today and will probably fit in 17 more before I finally get there.

What a crazy week it's turning out to be!

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