Wednesday, July 27, 2011

There was a moment...

I've had two big moments this week that I'd like to share.

The first happened while out shopping for back to school stuff (beginning of the year excitement!!). We crossed paths with an older couple, the woman walking ahead of the man who had the cart. The man paused to exchange some pleasantries with my boys; it was very sweet. As we parted I heard the woman snap, "Norm! What is wrong with you?!" as he caught back up with her.

In that moment, I felt my heart break again. It happens from time to time when I think about the kinds of things that people suffer in this world. Especially the kinds of things suffered because of the actions of those closest to us.

A man stops for just a moment to chat with some young boys and that prompts the woman with him to say that something must be wrong with him??? How sad that people talk to each other that way:(

It made me think of how sad it must be to live in those kind of relationships and how neither person can be happy like that. Sad. Sad. Sad.

The next moment to share came yesterday while the boys and I were in Walmart. Two minutes after we got inside, a downpour started. Seriously, it was pouring down harder and in larger volume than I've seen in years. The rain pounded so hard on the roof of the store that one couldn't hardly hear anything but the roar and I had to raise my voice for the boys to hear me.

Now, weather stresses me out. All kinds but extremely peaceful. Wind, however slight, raises my blood pressure. Snow storms. Rain and thunderstorms. I get reminded easily of the damage weather can do and so any weather raises my stress level. Even being odd like that myself, I was still a little shocked as I observed the people around us in the store. No one seemed to notice or care. I stood with the boys in view of the door so we could watch the crazy rain for a few minutes before continuing shopping. No one really reacted. People leaving the store would pause for a second to realize it was rather wet outside then proceed to just run out into it. People entering the store shook their heads and immediately took on the look of "now what am I supposed to get here?" Barely acknowledging the severe downpour just on the other side of the door!

As we shopped and I kept getting distracted by the pounding on the roof, I noticed that no one around seemed to even realize that anything out of the ordinary was going on outside.

I must be crazy weird. I couldn't help but think worst case scenario.

What if those buckets just don't stop failing and we're stuck here for a while?...At least we're together and hey, there's food here.
I wish Bret was here. I hope he's okay.
I wonder if this was what it was like when the Earth was flooded. Did people just think it was another rainy day. When did they finally start to worry?
Oh my, what if we have a huge flood right now?
How am I going to get out of here without soaking the boys and myself?
What if this is how it ends? Last chance for me and the boys?

I tried to be reasonable, but these kinds of thoughts just kept coming. Luckily, the rain subsided while we were in the check out line.

But the realizations lingered.

This time is precious and short. Let's take advantage of it.

Have you had any shareable moments lately?

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