Friday, July 1, 2011

Fankful Friday


I can't believe how bad I've been on Thursdays these last few weeks. Yesterday it didn't even occur to me that I needed to blog here.

It didn't last week, either. I remembered on Friday (like this week), but thought, "Ah, who cares anyway? I'll just do it next week."

But I didn't. So now I have to do another Fankful Friday.

Oddly enough, what I am thankful for this week is...people.

Yes, even considering my last post. I am thankful for people.

Bret. My wild, trying-to-run-around-outside-in-only-their-underwear, loud, and wonderful sons. My parents. My siblings (especially their wives!). Friends (you wish you were lucky enough to know the Newmans;)). Neighbors. Ward members. Cashiers who say, "Thank you so much for teaching your children manners!"

People can often be the source of frustrations, but mostly they are a source of joy and purpose.

WHO are you thankful for today?


Emnacnud said...

Awh, we are so lucky to know your family. I am excited to hang out with you in 2 weeks:). I am thankful for the holy Ghost, that when I am having a hard time, and frustrated with my personal growth, he pipes in and reminds me that they are just temptations and to remember what time of the month it is, silly hormones So I am thankful for the holy Ghost.

Bret said...

Excellent Post

As much as I get annoyed with people, what would life be like without them. Pretty empty. Think Montana.