Friday, July 22, 2011

Five. Years.

In the grand scheme of things, five years is not that many.

Hardly a blip on the radar.

Even on a smaller scale, five years just isn't that long.

But my, how things can change in just five years.

In five years of my life I married, had a baby, graduated from college, bought a house, and had twins.

What a difference five years makes!

If one had taken a snapshot of my freshman year, then skipped ahead to take another snapshot five years later-

Shoot, even I would wonder if that was really the same person.

I'd like to say that five years from now the changes will be just as dramatic:

My children will be 11 (!!!), 8, and 8. Maybe there will be more.

All of them could be in school. Or maybe we'll be veteran homeschoolers.

I'll have finally figured out a system that will keep the house consistently clean and organized.

There will be an exercise routine I have successfully made habit.

I'll have an hour every day that I can spend in the scriptures.

There will be more than enough hours every day to accomplish what I need to and even what I want to.

No matter what I eat, my thighs will not get bigger.

Yeah...maybe my imagination is running a bit wild...

I don't know what life will be like in five years. I have desires for how it will be. I have directions to go and paths to follow that will take me to wonderful places with my family and personal growth.

But really, looking back on how quickly my life can change in five years I really can't pretend to even have a grasp of what life will be like for Lindsey five years from now.

Whatever it is- It's going to be AWESOME!

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Jordan McCollum said...

Man, I want so many of those things—now!

Thanks for participating!