Monday, July 25, 2011


Just call me Snarky McSnarkerson.

In the past ten years I've become quite the sarcastic cynic in my head.

It's not all the time.

The snarkiness in my thoughts tends to increase ten thousand fold as I approach a certain time of the month.

Which is the current state I find myself in.

I sometimes sell used but good condition items on a local news channel classified webpage.

Usually with great success.

Since the last time I've listed items, it seems that the buyers who look at this site are only looking to pay half of what used items are worth.

I can't tell you how many times I've gotten calls or emails in the last month asking if I'd sell one or more of my items for half of what I'm asking for it and then getting all uppity when I say no.

It's shocking!

Today- the straw that almost broke the snarky camel's back.

One woman emailed me last week about a kids' toy I've listed. It's in spectacular condition and retails for big bucks. I priced it at a quarter of it's original cost. She asked questions and I answered them (one of which being how low was I willing to sell it for (Do they really think I'm that dumb???)).

I didn't hear anything back and assumed she'd decided she didn't want it. Fine with me.

Until today...

...When I got an email from her telling me she was passing on my toy because she'd found one for such and such a low price that was twice as big as the one I'm trying to sell.

I stared at my computer for a few moments, looking at the computer like I look at my boys when they ask me for the twelfth time for a treat right before dinner (really?), and fighting back the snarky thoughts that I would love to share with a click of the reply button.

Oh, good fer you!

Gee, thanks for sharing.

Boy, am I glad you saved my email address to tell me that!

I'm still not lowering my price.

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

In the end, I just deleted the email.

Then I sighed a big sigh because I can't call Bret about this yet and it's too rich not to share.

And then I smiled because I remembered I could blog about it.

So I did.

Except I'm fairly disappointed that you can't hear the tone of my voice as I write this and I'm hoping you can put in the right amount of sarcasm for yourselves; it's so much more entertaining that way...

And now I will go back to keeping my snarky thoughts to best I can...which isn't very good...curses.

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