Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sorry about the last couple weeks. My computer gave up the ghost.

Turns out that 4.75 years on a hard drive is the equivalent of 97 years for a human body.

It just stopped.

Cross your fingers for me that the PC peeps will be able to get the data off of it. They're taking their sweet time, but certain language they've used has made me think they have the data they just are in no hurry to copy it to the new hard drive we gave them for such purposes. Still, cross those fingers anyway please.

I've had this computer for four or five days and I still can't manage to type smoothly. *argh* New keyboards. I feel like I'm back in high school stumbling through a typing class trying to type the same word five times before it comes out right:)

Anyway...I've felt a little lost lately, not being regular in my weekly grateful writings.

I feel grateful, and I acknowledge that in my head often. But there's something therapeutic about writing it down and publishing it for "the world" to see.

It helps me (that took me three tries!) feel more peaceful. It helps me keep that peace when I come across things that threaten those feelings. It doesn't solve my problems or make the world a daisy-filled dreamland. But it does take the edge off my cynical mind and help me be more optimistic. It helps dramatically, I've noticed.

You should try it.

I'm determined to hop back on the train on Thursday and call this lapse a fluke summer thing.

Seriously, you should try it. It's good for the soul:)

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