Wednesday, February 23, 2011

When there's love at home

Chocolate on my Cranium is doing a Wordfull Wednesday about: Beauty.

First thing that popped into my mind was the gorgeous mountains outside and how amazing they looked all day; first with a clear blue sky and bright morning sunshine, then shadowed with lots of fluffy clouds in the afternoon, and now glowing yet a bit hazy with the cloud cover and beginnings of a sunset.

I love living within view of the mountains.

But when I read the second to last sentence in Cocoa's post, "What comes to mind when you think of BEAUTY?" the hymn, "Love at Home" started playing in my head. The very first line in that hymn is, "There is beauty all around when there's love at home."

How I love that hymn (Oh come on, I love most of the hymns:)). Such a simple, heart piercing truth. How beautiful life is when there's love and harmony at home!

The value of home and hearth seems to be continually diminishing in this part of the world and many parts of the world. Consequently, people are much less happy and see much less beauty in the world around them.

I'm a big proponent of home. It all starts at home. It's amazing how wonderful the world looks and feels when everyone in my home is happy with everyone else.

When the boys aren't screaming about whose turn it is to play with a toy, sitting on each other, blatantly disobeying me and are instead giving me smiles, sharing with and helping each other, and singing silly songs as they pretend I see so much beauty. The sun shines brighter, eyes shine brighter, colors are more vibrant, I notice the birds singing outside, a smile lifts me, and I can take on the world.

There is so much beauty around us! Having a loving home makes it all the more beautiful.

If everyone tried just a little harder to do what they personally can to make their home a more loving place, think what a positive impact on the whole world that would be.

How beautiful:)


Jamie said...


{leah} said...

I totally get boys sitting on each other!! :)

We are in Florida for the time being, while the husband is going to school. I miss, miss the mountains!!! We are going to being moving back west once we are done.

kjha said...

I love that hymn too, probably because it's true!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

So true! HOME is a thing of beauty and when things are going well there everything else seems to have beauty too.

Cassi : ) said...

I agree, life seems easier when things at home are peaceful.