Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well, that was nice!

Way back in October of 2008, I was a busy, bordering-on-crazy woman.

Sure I was before that and I still am, but I had to start this post somehow.

I had three year old who was almost potty trained and 11 month old twins. Life was tiring, to say the least. I had breaks, but they were only ever at night after the boys were all asleep because the little ones were still nursing. I appreciate getting out and about whenever I can, but I prefer to do it in daylight.

So imagine my shock and delight when a woman approached me at church one Sunday and told me that she was going to come over on Tuesday and watch my boys and I was to leave and do whatever I wanted. I sputtered for a bit, wanting to accept, but feeling bad that I was getting the better end of the deal. She assured me it was no big deal, she'd bring her nine and ten year olds to help play with the boys.

I planned some errands and was super excited to be able to get three knocked off the list by myself instead of the one-at-a-time I accomplished with all the boys in tow. Tuesday arrived and so did three wonderful people. I told them I'd be back to relieve them in an hour. To which she said, "Oh no! Stay out longer than that! Stay out as long as you like." She'd even brought lunch for the boys!

Oh what a relaxing day it was! I got so much done. I even grabbed some lunch, went to a park, and ate and lay in the sunshine for a while. When I got back I got the boys settled for a nap and got some things done around the house. It was so wonderful!

And it left me with the conviction that when my kids are a bit older, I'm going to be like Donna and find a mom with little kids and make her take a long break. Regularly. It's going to be my go-to "how can I help?"

Such a simple act on her part left a major impression on me. And even though I'm not able to do the same service yet, it did give me a big shove in being more aware of what I can do to reach out and lift up others around me.

This post is part of Chocolate on my Cranium's Wordfull Wednesday.


Chocolate on my Cranium said..., that is something I bet my daughters and I could do too! I bet it was a wonderful rest you dearly needed.

Judi said...

It is a huge act of service when someone offers to care for our children isn't it? We are almost entering a new chapter in our lives because our oldest is almost old enough to babysit her younger siblings! And hopefully we too can be of service to the young moms who really need a little break here and there!

kjha said...

I love it! I so want to be like that lady :)

JRoberts said...

What a wonderful story! That woman offered a wonderful act of service.

Esther said...

Time to relax in the sun...what a gift.

I love the idea of a "go to" act of service!