Saturday, February 19, 2011


Things I am finding ironic today:

The Iowa State Wrestling To-Do of 2011.
Girl competing in boys wrestling. Boy feels it inappropriate to engage a girl in such a way. He defaults to hold to his beliefs and not wrestle her. He publishes statement commending girl and explaining why he defaulted. She (technically, her father) issues a statement respecting the boy for doing what he believes is right; this obviously isn't the first time girl or father have faced this issue.

Respect all around, right? Nope. Certainly respect has been shown between girl (technically, girl's father) and boy. But the internet masses? Calling foul, sexism, inequality, lack of fair competition and recognition for achievements, name-calling etc. etc. etc.

Seriously, people? Let's take a clue from the ones who are actually involved.

Wisconsin. Unions. Budget.
Teachers walk off the job. Not striking. Just not working. Many students rejoicing in the free time. Many parents tearing their hair out because they can't go to work when the kids aren't in school.
If you really want my respect teacher's unions, encourage your members to do their jobs. Wait. That won't earn my respect either. For the teachers, certainly, but not the unions.
Teachers want respect for their work, but they're not working...ironic.

P.S. I love teachers. Most work harder than many, with little appreciation and too much stress and responsibility put on them that belongs to parents.
P.P.S. I don't love unions. Damaging to the system and the individual, I say. Not to mention, most are extremely corrupt.

Planned Parenthood voted to be de-funded by the US House of Reps. (HOORAY! Except odds of passing the Senate and President's desk are almost nil so I don't know why PP supporters are worried.)
This of course, spawns abortion debates across the internet world. Which brings to the forefront of my mind something that has long confused me.
Many who are pro-choice will go to great lengths to tug on my heartstrings of the horribly awful things some women face and that society shouldn't judge them or take away their right to choose an abortion. The compassion they show for these women is admirable. But where is the compassion for the one whose life is being taken away???? I don't understand how someone can show so much love and compassion for someone who is suffering and zero love or compassion for the child inside her.

P.S. I think PP is evil and they don't have women's best interest and health at heart as they say. If they did, and they didn't preform abortions I would be a big supporter. But they're corrupt and hypocritical and I say- good riddance (even though they're not going anywhere; like lack of federal money will stop them:/).

Isn't it ironic?

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