Friday, October 15, 2010

Feeling Fulfilled

It's Friday again. And you know what that means around here:)

I didn't accomplish all that much from my list every day this week. But I did make extra efforts in the patience department. The results were not as great as I would have liked, but I put that down to my boys combining their three drives for independence into one formidable foe. So it's been a fair week;)

As it stands right now, my nearly-three-year-old-twins are really doing their nearly-three-year-old duty to test every boundary over and over and over and over and over again. It's grating on my nerves. I can handle this kind of business remarkably well (that's my horn- toot toot!) until about 5 pm. Five to 8 pm are trying hours. And darn it, if I can make it to bedtime without wanting to throw someone out the window then we've survived the day alright.


Bedtime has become an issue around these parts.

Jonz does fairly well. He's usually good about falling asleep when it's bedtime. Al and Goose on the other hand...currently those boys are toeing the how-much-you-wanna-bet-til-Mom-flips-out line. They think they're hilarious. Jonzy's giggles don't help the matter. Currently, Jonz is sawing logs and the twinners are "whispering" (classic two year old whispering is SO loud!) and jumping off beds. Lights out was 90 minutes ago. It's driving me bananas; as it has every other night in recent history.

Why, boys? Why must you test my patience so on the very week I've determined to be more patient??? Haven't you discovered yet that no matter what you do the bedtime boundary is 20 feet thick and you just can't get through it?


Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

Oh, man. Tonight we tried to move Rebecca (26 mo) into a toddler bed in Hayden's room. I was worried they'd keep each other up—but Rebecca refused and wanted to go back to her crib! She promised not to wake Rachel (in the pack 'n' play in her room), and so far she didn't wake when Rachel was crying, so we'll see if this works out.

It always seems like they're stubbornest on testing the thing I'm most inflexible out, you know? But that's kind of circular logic—on the things we let them get away with, there aren't any boundaries to test. It's like that CS Lewis (?) quote, who knows the strength of the wind, the man who walked against it or the man who lay down before it?

One plus with this cold—I've lost my voice, especially in the forte range, so I can't yell at my kids today, LOL. It's a little like patience.

cherry said...

Hi my name is Cherry, Jocelyn's blog friend. I enjoyed reading this post and actually learned from it too. I think it's where your patience came in when you were so determined to continue with what you have started and being firm with your rules "that bedtime boundary is 20 feet thick" to which i learned a big deal of patience because sometimes with my own daughters i feel like giving up when they dont seem to get what i really meant about the house rules!Thanks for this--i will always remember it inmy heart! Have a nice week-end!