Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

"I'm not happy, Bob. Not happy."

Movie, anyone?

It's time to focus on some gratitude! Once again presented in list form.

-Eyes. My boys' eyes. All eight of them:)
-hot apple cider with cinnamon
-a working furnace
-cold air...outside
-my totally awesome van
-cute Halloween and fall decorations
-clouds that hang low on the mountains so you can see the peaks over the top of them. Gorgeous!
-spots of bright blue sky among puffy black, gray, and purple storm clouds
-marriage covenants
-a deep conviction about marriage no matter what I hear about divorce
-nieces and nephews
-SF Giants baseball loving family
-apple dumplings...time to make some more
-co-op awesomeness
-being privileged to know so many amazing people
-quiet nights with Bret

What are you thankful for today?????????????????????????????


Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

The Incredibles!

I AM THANKFUL TODAY IS OVER. Three parties are too many!

Bret said...

I'm thankful for chap stick. And those little pockets on jeans that are perfect for chap stick.

korth fam said...

What about bob?

korth fam said...

the incredibles!

Lindsey the Muse-r said...

That could very well be in "What About Bob." I hadn't thought of that. But yeah, I was quoting the Incredibles.

Melanee said...

"They're penetrating the bureaucracy!"