Friday, October 8, 2010

It's time for FFF

Feeling Fulfilled Friday has arrived again!

And this week...hmmmm...

I've come to the conclusion that patience is my most fulfilling attribute.

When I'm on top of the patience game, boy do I feel fulfilled and like I can do this thing called motherhood with some degree of success.

When I struggle with patience, it seems that the fulfillment found by doing other things found on my list is fleeting at best.

I have discovered that patience is the hinge on which all this fulfillment business swings for me.

I knocked all sorts of things off my list this week. And it felt great to get those things done and experienced. But at the end of the day, I am still left feeling like hitting my head against the wall while chanting failure, failure, failure with each smack. My patience fuse has been so short this week...pretty much for two weeks.

I'll keep working toward fulfillment by doing the things I feel fulfilled doing, but I think to get that lasting feeling I'm going to have to focus mostly on patience.

And as my son screams behind me, I'm not quite sure I can do this...but if I couldn't, I wouldn't be here would I?;)

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