Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When Mom is sick

I've got a cold. 

And I'm pregnant.

By themselves those things are detrimental to one's sleep.

Put them together and you get one very tired mommy after one very long night. 

Especially when you add in one seven year old with growing pains (why do those happen most often in the middle of the night???) and one four year old needing help finding kleenex in the middle of the night since he woke himself up coughing.

Isnotsobad, though.

I'm still in my pajamas, sitting here on the couch with my heavy head and my kleenex box.  I'm watching my wonderful (literally) sons play in the colorful backyard and listening to them talk, fight, laugh, and snap at each other intermittently.  I am enjoying the views immensely.  The shape of the back of their heads and ears.  Their tough little legs and buff little arms.  The way they run.  Their profiles with their perfect little noses and lips and long eyelashes.  Their joyful smiles as they dart back and forth in front of the door because the only hardships in life are getting your brother to agree to play the way you dictate and waiting until the next treat comes.

The October sunshine is streaming through my beloved large windows and giving a whole new perspective to beautiful autumn decorations.  The temperture is not supposed to go above 70 for the next few days (ahhhhhhhh:)).

It is a bit difficult to not worry about all I had planned to get done today.  Two loads of laundry need to be washed, hung, and folded (along with the two loads I just left in the hampers from Monday and Tuesday).  I need to go to the grocery store.  I need to get the car registered.  Library books are due today and I've got to get those back before they slap me with some fines.  I've got things that need to be done for church.  I need to come up with options of how to rearrange the house to accommodate a new baby.  I need to keep the Jonzter on his intellectual toes while he's off track for the next couple weeks.... 


I did manage to get the dishes in the dishwasher and start a load of laundry.  That bodes well, right?  Maybe I'll be able to get to other things on the list before the day is over.

All this is a foggy-headed, drained, sick, and pregnant woman's way of trying to say- if I have to be sick, this is how I want it to be.

The responsibilities on my plate are either possible to do or to postpone.  I can be out of bed without feeling like death.  My children are old enough to take care of most necessities for themselves and, with supervision, remember to obey all the rules and keep themselves safe.  I have kleenex.  I have water.  I have food (even though I don't want to eat it).  The weather is beautiful.  The season is lovely. 

And while if I had my say, I'd choose NOT being sick over this...

Yep.  This is my kind of sick day.

Now, if only I could take a bunch of Nyquil, my children got along happily all day, a fairy came to transform my house to an immaculately clean and organized state, and my husband were here to stroke my hair while I fell into a drug-induced-but-restorative sleep.

I guess I can't have everything:)

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