Thursday, October 4, 2012


This whole sickness thing is weirding me out.

I actually got to the point yesterday that I felt like I'd have the energy to at least go out and get the car registered and return library books.

So we did.  And it was great to get out and great to get back.

The laundry was washed and folded...putting it away is a whole different story...

Yet while everyone managed to stay in their beds last night, I still didn't sleep so well.

I'm feeling much better today, health-wise, though I have no desire to go anywhere.

While pondering how I can feel so normal (as normal as it gets, ya know) after two days of extremely little sleep- it hit me.

This is what it feels like!  I remember this feeling! 

It's that feeling I feel when I've got a new baby (or babies, as the case may be) and my body finally clicks into "fake out zone."  That zone where I'm still not getting much sleep, but I'm somehow faking myself out that I'm not that tired. 

I'm feeling that today.  And it's giving me this weird mix of hope and trepidation.  While this feeling is vital to surviving the transition of adding someone to the family, it does have this other-worldly vibe to it; which is slightly unnerving.

But it's also a hopeful realization.  I often start to wonder and worry how I'm going to cope with four kiddos. (Then I force myself to stop thinking about it and pretend the future is a long way off; out of sight-out of mind.)

The past two days of illness and fake out zone feel as if they've been designed to give me more hope.

Even though most of my body is working overtime to create this new little body, it still found the means to conquer the latest bug.  Quickly!  And even running on little sleep!  I am reminded to have hope in the healing process.  Post-birthday there will be pain and exhaustion, body and soul.  But this body I have been blessed with will heal.  And it has done so fairly quickly in the past considering what is inflicted on it, so I won't be surprised if it pulls through quickly again. 

And sleep?  I can get by without when the need arises.


Thanks for the reminder, Heavenly Father!

What are you thankful for today?

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Rozy Lass said...

Reading your post instantly brought back those feelings when I was in your situation. What I'm thankful for today is the absolute knowledge that Heavenly Father is mindful of us and that the trials of this life "come to pass" not stay. I'm thankful I was privileged to participate in the miracle of creation five times! And that all the sleepless nights and days of dragging tiredness resulted in a better understanding of the power of the Atonement. Press forward with steadfast faith! This stage is not the eternal end.