Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm so thankful to be at this point in my life.

My hours are full of caring for three independent boys and the house that tries to contain them without falling apart:)

Not so different from three-ish years ago. I was doing the same thing. But the youngest two of the three only interacted with me by screaming or crying. The oldest ran around with endless energy and only seemed to understand a third of what I said. I remember looking at Al when he was very new and wondering what he would be like when he was Jonz' age and longing for a time when he would interact with me.

We're there.

I realized that today when I looked in Al's eyes (those eyes are amazingly beautiful and deep) as he looked up at me and pleaded, "Can you holds me, peas?"

Al talks to me and tells me he "luhz" me. He loves to "do school" like his big brother. He fights passionately, talks passionately, and laughs from the gut.

Goose puts on a ridiculous outfit and tries to jump down the stairs proclaiming to be a bird. Then wails while I break it to him that he can't fly and try to keep him from tumbling down the stairs almost exactly a year from the day he fell down the stairs and ended up with stitches in his forehead. He is the most expressive child I've ever seen.

Jonz is learning to channel his boundless energy and is a fantastic big brother. He's learning how to read his math story problems and do them completely by himself. He loves learning and growing up while still fighting for the joys of playing all day.

I love this time. My children are wildly independent, but still need me constantly. Before I know it they won't hardly need me at all. My home is full of music and constant sound effects from imaginative boys. The adventures in our home continue to amaze me. My husband is a handsome, hard-working, heart-warming hunk:) And Easter is approaching.

While there are currently many unsettled aspects of our family's life and I often feel inadequate and struggle, this is a wonderful time!

I cherish being here and now.

What are you thankful for today?

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