Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday of milestones

What. A. Day. Good gracious, it was all over the place!

Started out with a normal morning. And then, while I was gathering the last necessaries for an errands run, Goose took a tumble down the stairs and cut his forehead pretty darn deep. A short while later we were at Urgent Care getting stitches; a first for our family. It was not fun. But you know what? It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I even caught some glimpses of the doctor stitching and didn't feel queasy like I thought I would. Had I not be holding my terrified son down, it might even have been very interesting to watch.

Here's a tip though: if your child needs stitches, find a way to have siblings out of the room. I had Jonz and Al coloring to keep them from touching everything in the room. I didn't even think about making sure they didn't see what was going on. Poor Jonzy finished his paper lightening quick, turned around to find something new to do, and saw what the doctor was doing to his brother. He was almost as terrified as Goose. So, if your child ever needs stitches (or some small medical procedure like that) have the siblings in another room. It will save everyone in the hassle and heart-break department.

Astonishingly enough, I have much to be thankful for throughout this incident. Despite having a horridly deep head wound, Goose hardly bled at all. Thus allowing me to bandage and transport him to the doctor without having to hunt down a second adult to take us so I could keep pressure on his head. And- NO concussion! What are the odds of that? Slim, I'd say. And Goose is back to his normal, chipper, two year old defiant self.

The rest of the day played out fairly normally. As normal as can be expected with three young boys:) Emotions seemed to be all over the place for all of us today.

Jonz had his very first baseball practice this evening. It was so fun to watch. On the way back to the car, Al inhaled a cracker crumb. Much coughing, back pounding, and vomiting ensued.

Many more roller coaster emotions, dinner, and more emotions followed. Finally, we have reached bedtime and all is quiet in our house.

I'm so thankful for bedtime:) I'm thankful that my children have been so protected over the years. And even when something bad happens, like today with Goose, somehow it has all turned out okay. I'm thankful for my boys; for their spunk, smiles, and spirit. And I'm thankful to know that Heavenly Father never leaves me alone in raising them.

And I'm super grateful today that I have a healthy new nephew. Happy birthday to the little man! I can't wait to meet him!

What are you thankful for today?

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Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

Eee! I think I was the only one of my sisters to require stitches (well, aside from surgeries).

My dad still says he would never, ever, ever hold down a child for stitches again. He thought a papoose board was cruel; afterward he decided that was far more merciful.