Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend edition

There was a moment...

...Lots of them actually.

Like on Friday afternoon, when Jonz came running into my bathroom while I was showering (Don't worry. Bret was home and the kids were not alone:)) and shouted that he pumped on the swing, "all by myself!!!" I did it!" Proud parent moment after lots of coaxing and coaching last year.

Or on Saturday, when Al smiled that fantastic full-face smile and the feeling of satisfaction as I cleared the garden beds and it was obvious that the soil is so much better than last year (giving me hope that we'll have more success).

Or on Sunday as I chopped veggies for a salad and felt so happily domestic because I'd already put scalloped potatoes in the oven and I was about to go curl my hair.

Or today, when I hung up the phone after talking to Bret and once again felt so lucky for getting to be married to him.

Or when the boys and I got home at lunch today and I led them through a "rain is so awesome" ritual. We stood at the edge of the garage and leaned our heads back and took deep breaths of that sweet smelling air before running out onto the driveway and spinning in the rain for a few minutes.

Lots of lovely moments this weekend and today.

Have you had any lately that you want to share?

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