Thursday, March 3, 2011

There was a moment...

...this morning, at about 4:30 am. Goose had recently thrown up and cried for water. Bret brought him a drink and cleaned up the mess in the bedroom (my husband is awesome!) and I cleaned up the mess on the boy.

After washing him off and changing his pajamas, I rocked with my son and let him take a few sips of water to rinse out his mouth. He was fine with the sips until I tried to put him back in his bed without his cup. He cried and argued for it. I said he couldn't have it in his bed because he would drink the whole thing and that would hurt his tummy.

"But I want my drink in my bed!" "You can't have your drink in your bed." "Whyyyyy?" "Because you'll drink the whole thing and hurt your tummy more." "Whyyyyyy?" "Because you just threw up and your stomach is sick." "WHYYY?!!!!" "I don't know why, I just know you can't drink." "But I want my drink in my bed!" "You can't have your drink in your bed."

And around and around we went. I was getting pretty frustrated as Goose got louder and I now added "please don't wake up your brothers" to my pleas. Suddenly he just laid down and stopped arguing. I laid down with him and rubbed his back for a few minutes.

Just as I was thinking he was asleep and I could slip back into my bed, he popped up and in a very awake voice said, "It's okay, Mom. I don't need my drink in my bed. It should stay in the laundry room."

What a moment:) I felt like laughing at 4:30 in the morning even after having cleaned up vomit and trying to persuade a three year old to trust me and be quiet. I loved his sweet voice saying, "It's okay, Mom." And why he said laundry room is beyond me and fairly funny. Perhaps he wasn't as awake as he sounded. Or maybe I wasn't...;)

I love my boys. And while I'm not a fan of being awake at 4:30 or anytime in the middle of the night, I do love the fleeting moments of one on one quiet time with whoever happened to wake up.

Have you had any moments lately that you'd like to share?

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Jar and Steph said...

I love this.
I love your sweet kids!
I'll bet it's times like this that make up for them coloring on the walls! ;) I love the "There was a moment..." idea! I shall participate on our blog. The post is pending... :)