Thursday, March 17, 2011

There was a thankful moment Thursday

What a combination, eh?

I am thankful for my van. It did it's job well in getting me and mine from place to place today.

I'm thankful for my dad who will let me come to his house with little to no warning, drop everything, and put air in my tires because I have no confidence in doing it right by myself at the gas station.

I'm thankful for holidays like St. Patrick's Day that make me so awesome in my boys' eyes merely because I made green rice krispie treats with them.

I'm thankful for our homeschool co-op and that because of it I've had "O Sole Mio" and "Nessun Dorma" stuck in my head all day.

I'm thankful for There was a moment...s and the one I'm highlighting tonight:

Goose and I were sitting on the couch together waiting for the rest of the fellas to join us for family scriptures. He was babbling about the stick horse he had and I tuned him out while I looked up the chapter we were going to read from. I started to tune back in when I heard him saying strange things like, "Shropshire, Mom?" and "Skipshires, Mom?" I fully tuned in and looked at him in time to hear, "Scwip-churs, Mom?" with a huge smile. I said, "Yes, bud. We're going to read the scriptures right now," and his smile got even bigger. What a sweetheart! Cherished mispronunciations and all:)

What are you thankful for today? And do you have any special moments you'd like to share?

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Jordan McCollum said...

Rebecca has begun insisting on "fripur towy" before naps. It's hard to say no!