Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sometimes, I do know what I'm talking about

Tonight at dinner, my four year old didn't want to eat part of his meal. He kept asking me to put ketchup on it so it would taste better. I kept telling him that ketchup would make it taste pretty gross and it would taste best by itself. After the fifth, "Mommy, will you pleeeease put ketchup on this so I can eat it?" I did.

A couple bites later he turned to me and said in a voice of disbelief and with a look of disgust, "Mom...I think you were right. Ketchup makes it taste more yucky."

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Melanee said...

That's funny, I had a very similar exchange with Kevin the other night but when I finally gave in and let him dip his fresh pineapple in ketchup, I think he really did like it better. He ate it all up and then he licked all of the residual ketchup off of his plate. What a weird kid. So I guess sometimes I don't know what I'm talking about.