Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Welcome to this week's episode of Thankful Thursday.

Bret and I are coming out of our latest big trial, with the possibility of sinking right back down to the bottom. Things are looking much more hopeful than they did a when this whole business started, but we're not going to breathe that sigh of relief until we're sure it's over. That will hopefully be sometime early next week. Very thankfully, we won't be left in limbo for too long because there are few things I handle worse than being left in the unknown.

While I wish that this had never happened in the first place, I am thankful for some aspects. I'm grateful for the good things that trials bring. Hard times remind me what's really important. They remind me that I'm not in control and I need to be humble. They remind me who really is in charge. They remind me that this life is just a short time in my existence and there are better things to come if I make it through. And they remind me just how awesome family is and how great friends are.

Not fun, but definitely not worthless. Today I am thankful for trials. And very thankful that this one is nearly (knock on wood, praying crazy hard:)) over.

What are you thankful for today?

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