Thursday, July 25, 2013

Never enough

Life is good.

...but I always want more.

I'd like some heavenly guidance.  I've been asking, begging, and pleading for it for a couple months.

Especially so in the last few days.

I finally got some today.  Only it wasn't quite what I wanted.

I finally get an answer and immediately I'm basically whining (just like my kids, and I hate it when they do this!) that it's not enough.

*siiiiiiiigh*  Once again, Heavenly Father, I'm sorry.

Thank you for helping me to see more clearly.

Thank you for strengthening my faith.

Thank you for showing me that you ARE watching over my family, even when I start to wonder what's going on.

Thank you for being patient with me.

Thank you for showing me over and over and over again that you have plans for me and my family.  Plans that you understand better than me.  Plans that will lead to the best possible blessings that you can give us.

And thank you for blessing me with four sons who push me to be better and fill my life with smiles, shining eyes, hugs, kisses, laughter, and joy.

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