Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I used to get multiple comments about my age and/or my insanity having three boys every single time I went into public.

When I was pregnant with Trooper the comments almost stopped completely.  Shockingly so.

I suppose by that point, I looked like a lost cause.  A reckless and irresponsible teenager, draining the resources of my fellowman, hopelessly beyond reach of "logic" and "reason," and so not worth their time.

Because you can tell everything about a person's heart, intent, abilities, and life just by looking at them. 


Whatever the cause, it was nice to finally have some peace in public. 

It's clear that people are still wondering and even shocked when they see me and the boys, but at least they're quiet about it.

I still get some comments these days.  And most of them are fairly humorous.  Today I got a nice one at the store:

Cashier: ", how old ARE you?"

Me: "I'm about to turn ____." (no specifics here, remember?:))

Cashier: "I don't believe that.  You look 18."

Me:  "It's the truth.  You did just have my ID in your hand.  You want to see it again?"

Lady behind me: "No, you definitely look 18."

Me: "Well, thank you! I'm finally getting to the age where I appreciate comments like that."

Lady behind me's friend: "You're 18 and have THREE boys?!?!"

Me: "No, and there's four actually.  The last one is over there.  Goose get back here."

At which point I am ready to leave and she pats me on the shoulder with a look of pity and stutters, lost for words, "that's...that's..."

So I try not to laugh and interject with a smile, "Oh no, it's a great life.  Come on fellas, let's go."

It was pretty funny. 

And- I look 18!  Booyah, baby.


Bret said...

Just start pointing out that you're going to have all the kids out of the house by mid-40's and then travel the world as the young, hot wife of a successful... local gov...ernment... um.... tycoon?

We'll have to work on that last part.

Jar and Steph said...

Ha ha I love this! And Lindsey you are gorgeous!