Thursday, July 11, 2013


Holy cow, it's Thursday!

I missed last Thankful Thursday and since the baby is napping and the other boys are pretending to sleep in a blanket fort- it's quiet:)

And since I feel like taking a break from cleaning in preparation for yet another showing, here I am to blog about something I'm grateful for.

And today, that is baseball!

It's been the summer of baseball for us.  Baseball and keeping the house spotless have been what our days are planned around.  After the last few months, I'm a little worried about what life will be like when we have multiple boys in multiple activities...

Jonzy boy finally made it onto a good team, with a good coach this year.  The regular season was tons o' fun and ended well.  Then he got the chance to try out for the All Star team, landed a spot, and there was another month of baseball for us.

Last night, though, they lost their second game in the tournament.  That means the end of the season and no advancing to State.  Awwwwwww, man!

I am grateful for the last few months.  I love watching the games and watching my boy.  But what I'm even more grateful for right now is all that we're done with until next season.

No more finding ways to keep cool and hydrated in the blazing early evening hours.

No more packing snacks and listening to my boys pester me about when they can eat said snacks.

No more trying to keep track of the twins while keeping track of the game.

No more nursing in the car (though in fairness, I haven't had to do that since the regular season).

No more lugging boys, food, water, sunscreen, blankets, pop-up tent, chairs, stroller, camera bag, etc all over the place.

No more daily dealing with freeway drivers who have no idea what cruise control is.

No more listening to crazed parents debating obscure rules.

No more frustration at teenage umpires.

No more frustration at the lack of information for parents trying to figure out when to be where.

It's nice to have some time to just "take it easy" this summer.  (Now let's get this house sold and kick back into crazy-gear:))

Hooray for a great season of baseball with more ups than downs!

What are you thankful for today?

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