Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mail (get it?)

Dear Father in Heaven,

     Many people like to remark on how funny it is that I grew up with only brothers and now I'm raising only sons.  I think it's kind of funny myself.  I don't know what my future holds, but it's clear to me that I am meant to walk this life surrounded by fellas.  And for that I say- Thank you!

     Thank you for my dad.  Thank you for sending me where I would be raised in a family headed by someone who would show me what I can expect from you.  It's been said that children, especially daughters, pattern their relationship with you after their relationship with their earthly father.  Thank you for blessing me with a father who did not teach me to be scared of you.   He taught me by word and deed that you love me, that I can trust you, that no matter what I think I know about a situation- you are smarter than me and know better, that if something is important to me it is important to you, and that you will always do absolutely everything you can for me.

     Thank you for my husband.  Thank you for helping me find someone that I can respect and who respects me, someone who sacrifices so much of himself to provide for our family, someone who
made it possible for me to be a mother to four beautiful boys, someone who will be a fantastic example and leader for those boys, someone who forgives, someone who makes me smile even in the midst of hormonally-driven meltdowns, and someone who values my opinion.  And the fact that he's easy on the eyes is a brilliant bonus.

     Thank you for my amazing brothers.  Thank you for my incredible sons.  Thank you for my friends.  Thank you for all those awesome church leaders now and over the years. 

     Thank you for blessing me with a life that has proved to me the infinite value of a righteous man.  Thank you for blessing me with a life where I can be surrounded by the priesthood.  As someone who regularly dreams up the worst case scenario, I feel safe in this unpredictable world.  Thank you for blessing me with a life where I have be taught how to be a leader AND how to follow a righteous lead.  Thank you for blessing me with a life that has showed me the truth and joy that following that righteous lead doesn't mean I lose my identity.

     Guys are great and I'm so thankful to know so many of the top-notch out there.


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