Thursday, January 17, 2013

Drinks. Riiiiiight.

It's Thursday and I'm supposed to post something.  I have been zoning out all day, though.  I feel kind of punchy.  Read with caution.

I can't concentrate enough to actually write anything that seems coherent, let alone string up a thought in my brain to try to type in the first place.

I'm tired.

But not really.

I don't feel like I need to take a nap during the day.  Once I commit to getting out of bed in the morning, I'm not wishing it was bedtime.  So I'm not tired-sleepy.

I certainly feel tired-worn out.  Baby (keep the blog nickname ideas coming; we've got some good ones in the mix) slept for almost five hours straight last night.

After that it wasn't as smooth sailing. 

I'm not complaining!  Heavens no.  Okay, maybe just a tiny bit.  But I've been through much much much much MUCH more trying sleep deprivation with a newborn(s).  This little guy is a heaven-sent angel baby as far as I'm concerned.

But let's be honest.  I'm not as young as I once was.  I may still be in my 20s, but what a difference a few years makes.

I'm tired!

But, fine, I'm not so tired that nothing to be thankful for comes to mind.  Get to the point, Lindsey!

Ginger ale!

Boylan's ginger ale, actually.  Nothing says, "Congratulations for keeping everyone alive for another day!" like an ice cold ginger ale after kids are in bed.  Dead of winter and inversions be...not cold enough to keep me from such activity!  Of course I wasn't going to swear!...

It's been my guilty pleasure, sanity saver, beverage of choice lately.  You know, besides the gallons of water I need to drink for nursing's sake.

You should try it.  It soothes the tired body, enlightens the mind, eases burdened shoulders, and enlivens the senses. 

"It's like a hootenanny in my mouth!"

No, but really.  It's delicious.  And it's even good for you!  Well...let's call it not-as-bad-for-you-as-run-of-the-mill-soda. 

I need to figure out how to buy this stuff by the case.  Or iv bag.  Wait...let's stick with case.  Needles aren't worth it.  Or death for that matter.

So, I think I will eschew (look, my vocabulary is returning:)!!!!!) my normal question and instead ask, "What's your favorite drink lately???"


Bret said...

Boylan Birch Beer

IsThisThingOn? said...

Does this particular ginger ale have actual ginger in it? I find that most of the run-of-the-mill grocery store brands still seem to be full of artificial ingredients. I still like them, but it would be nice to find a more natural ginger ale. :)
My favorite beverage right now is Earl Grey black tea. Recently discovered, love it! And I think it's supposed to be good for you, too.

Lindsey said...

Why yes it does! All natural ingredients and all natural deliciousness. As I recall there's less than ten ingredients in it. I find ours in the refrigerated aisle at the grocery store in individual glass bottles. I say you try it:)

Bret said...

Also carried at World Market