Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not fair!

Well, we couldn't avoid it forever. 

We gots the sickness.  Baby's fine (knock on wood!), twins are fine (Goose was sick but recovered quite fast), Dad's fine.

But Jonz and I aren't doing so hot.

It's a cruel world.  Moms shouldn't get sick.  We're going to have a heckuva time reestablishing routines around here once I get better.  No school for a few days.  Al and Goose have been doing whatever they please all day long.  And the babes spends most of his time in his crib or bouncy seat.  All while Jonz and I lay around with glazed eyes.  A few times a day I shuffle to the kitchen to "prepare" something to eat. 

Despite all the unfairness, there's much to be thankful for:

orange juice
frozen pizza
kids who can take care of a lot of their own needs
a warm home

Isnotsobad.  Send us healthy vibes please!

What are you thankful for today?

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