Thursday, August 23, 2012


Thursday has come again.

All too fast.

I'm thankful Jonz is in school this year.  Among other blessings, it's making the weeks of pregnancy seem to go by fairly quickly.  Still, there are moments when I miss my son and the little boy he once was. 

They really do grow up fast.

Which brings me to my topic for Thankful Thursday.

My boys have colds.  Not too long ago, colds were a death sentence for routine around here.  It meant hours and hours spent on the couch or rocking chair (not that I didn't enjoy the snuggles, but the rest of life went to pot on those days/weeks), it meant sleepless nights for everyone, and it meant the inevitable ear infection(s) and/or sinus infection, trips to Urgentcare then the pharmacy (nooooooooo!) with cranky kids in car seats.  It meant my heart breaking at every sniffle, every cough, every whimper, every toss and turn of sick and uncomfortable babies or toddlers trying to sleep, etc.  It meant asthma woes.  Nebulizers, inhalers, saline, and oh the coughing morning, midday, evening, and allllllll throught the night.

Now?  A cold is just a cold.  The couch, a blanket, and a movie is more desirable that cuddles with Mom (sad.).  They snore like old men at night, but they sleep pretty well for having stuffed sinuses.  I won't say anything about ear or sinus infections for fear of inciting the humorous ways of the virus gods.  I still hate the symphony of sniffs and coughs, but as it doesn't make my boys as miserable as it used to I'm much less bothered by it.  And we're finally to a point where, for now, the asthma is fairly well controlled.

Colds are much less debilitating with these growing guys.  And for that I am extremely grateful.

Now.  If only I could get them to blow their noses instead of sniffing...

What are you thankful for today?

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